(people chattering) – Oh, oh, oh! I’m turned on by both. – We wanted to conduct an experiment here in this beautiful bar, where we could actually put perceived masculinity to the test. So what you’ll see is our wonderful subject, Broderick, portraying two different versions of himself. One that tends to be so much more traditionally masculine in how he conducts himself. – The guy on the right didn’t smile, so I feel like you have this inclination where you want to win him over. – People like the chase. – I would fuck the guy on the right.

I would probably be in a relationship with the guy on the left. – And the other one, where he tends to be less so, and can show a very different side of himself. – I feel like he’s more approachable. – Could be gay? – [Matt] To determine if people do tend to be a little bit more attracted to the traditionally masculine traits. We can show a lot about ourselves based on how much or how little we’re smiling. People tend to to say that they’re really attracted to the bad boy, which is a little bit more of a smolder. – This guy on the right would let me have it! Like, “Yeah, I’m gonna give it to you hard.” And then this guy’s sweet like we could have a good giggle. – This experiment is actually really interesting because it’s not about the differences between masculine or feminine, but how we’re valuing that. You could take the test as it’s going along, and see what comes up for you.

– [Both Women] Whoa! – I think I hate both of them. – Nah, I’m into the one on the right. – His dick’s all out! – Tell me about manspreading, what’s that? – I am not doing that. – Just have your dick everywhere. – You’re just like, “Yeah, whatever.” (laughing) – I like the guy on the left. The way that he’s sitting up, his clothing. – This guy might be too proper for me. – He seems a little more at ease, so I’m more inclined to go with the right. – Someone might try to order a drink and since this guy’s spread out, they can’t get to ’em. – The man on the right, I like more because I love sweatpants. I enjoy a good penis print. – More of a relaxed look and presentation based on how we’re dressed and how we’re positioned tends to be a little bit more traditionally masculine because it shows that there’s not been too much thoughtfulness or effort that’s been placed in it.

– The guy on the left is really theatrical. (chuckles) – I can tell that he’s a little bit more feminine in his gestures, but I find that kinda sexy. – You’re a good buddy. You’re not the type of person that I wanna take home with me. (chuckles) – I know what firework looks like. You don’t have to do that. – His body language reads a lot friendlier than the other guy. – It was easier to just focus on Mr. Right because he was just staring at you. – I need that gain, that like, “Are you interested in me? “Aren’t you?” That’s what entices me.

– Hand gestures. I tend to use a lot of hand gestures. From one version of Broderick, you’ll see him using his hands a lot more, and that tends to be less traditionally masculine because it’s opening up a little bit more of an emotional vulnerability. – Did you see that shot, though? – Dude, that thing was crazy! The whole apartment started going wild, man. – But did you see that shot last night? – Dude, that thing was crazy, man.

The whole apartment went wild, yo. (laughing) – Him on the right. – Yeah, that was quick. (laughing) – How come? – His voice was deeper. – I get the juxtaposition, but that was too slow. – He was able to just say something, and it mattered. – I always wished that I had that smooth voice. Just more chill and just more quiet. – I think I would be drawn to find the person with the lower voice than the guy with the high, squeaky voice. – [Matt] How come? – I grew up with men that were very machismo. I see myself being attracted to that. – Speech can communicate a lot, being slower, lower. There’s something that tends to be a little more traditionally masculine because it doesn’t really show an openness.

– Definitely on the right. – Yeah. – He’s way more engaged. – So you find yourself really drawn to the one that’s gonna be locked in. – Hell yeah! – [Woman] Yeah. – He’s leaning in a little bit, that’s endearing. – [Man] He looked like he was actually paying attention and cared. – What do you hate about the guy on the left? – He’s just looking at other people. – Don’t make eye contact. Don’t look at that ass. So just that little snippet is like, “Oh, that’s sexy.” – Eye contact really conveys a lot of intimacy because when you’re looking directly at somebody’s eyes, it’s like looking into the window of their souls. So, there can be an emotional connection from that. – [Woman Wearing Hat] So what happened between you and your ex? (sighs) – Well, I always felt like I was the one loving her and caring for her and everything, but it seems like she wasn’t happy.

She always felt like she was the one that was calling the shots and always doing everything right, and she basically broke my heart. Well, we tried to make it work… We went out a lot, we tried to do different things, we tried to find the missing pieces, but unfortunately, we just couldn’t figure it out. – That was like Nicholas Sparks up in here. – I think the left was a little bit of a turn-off because he kept blaming her. – [Man] I was ready to be like, “Fuck her.” – [Woman] He just had the answers too quickly. – He had closure, and in the one on the right, there was a lot of ambiguity. – [Man] I was like, “Just spit it out!” – He was very internalized about it and just seemed like he was still thinking about it in his head. – He is not over her because he’s still saying we, we, we, whereas number one was like, I, I, I.

– So emotional intelligence, or EQ, is when you have a deeper awareness and insight about the emotional temperature of whatever might be going on. We can typically think about how traditionally, a man is supposed to be really aggressive and forthcoming, otherwise it’s showing an emotional awareness. – [Woman Wearing Hat] So, when do you wanna hang out? – I’m free Wednesday. Are you free? I’m free after 6. – [Woman Wearing Hat] After 6 is good. – Dope, I know this really dope Italian restaurant right down the street.

I think you’re gonna like it. You like Italian food? – [Woman Wearing Hat] Yeah. – Awesome, I’m sure you’re gonna love it. – Hey, I should get your number real quick. – [Woman Wearing Hat] Okay, so when do you want to– – Hey, we’ll figure it out. I’ll text you. Hey, can I get a drink for her real quick? – What. – Yeah, no way on the right. – [Woman In Tank Top] Yeah. – I’d rather have an exact plan and footprint. It just makes you feel like the person cares about you. – It’s always like, “Yeah, whatever. “We’ll figure it out.” And that means that I’m never gonna see you again. – Shit, I feel like I’m such a slut ’cause I’d probably pick the one on the right. – Maybe I’m a flake, I don’t know. (chuckles) The pressure freaks me out. – [Woman] He knew how to play it. It was suave. – So there’s something cool about it? It felt cool? – Yeah, the other guy was like, (grunts) “Can you get out your gCal “while we try and write the date and time?” – Commitment tends to be something where we can tell a little bit about a person, and traditionally speaking, a man isn’t supposed to be as committed or available as what you would think of as the aloof guy.

What’s attractive about that? – I don’t know what the fuck is attractive about that. What is it? That’s something deeper rooted in me where I’m vying for someone’s attention. I don’t know. That’s fucked up, man. I don’t know. – I definitely think that gender norms still actually influence, though I do think there’s been an evolution overall in terms of what that might mean and how things have been redefined. Some of us really exist more in an emotional side, some of us exist in so much more of a rational side, and it feels like those are two competing forces, and when we’re guided by what society tells us is okay and normal, then we’re gonna be shifted to one end of the spectrum instead of being able to have a more realized sense of ourselves as balanced overall. – Let the nipples fly. (Matt laughs) Let it breathe. So I enjoy when men let it breathe, too.

It makes me really happy. – Mmhmm. (laughing).

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