When a Black Man Loves: The Men Speak (Part 3)

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What happens when you take six Black men, ranging in ages from 25-56, put them with the author, the book, some good Leikheim™ beer, nachos, and let the cameras just roll?

It was just bound to happen. I got so much feedback from the book, both from men as well as women that I figured the next step was to do an open forum of all brothers and just let women hear how we feel. This will be the first volume in probably a short run series [in which will go undoubtedly deeper into the hearts of Black men].

The beauty of this DVD is that it is not scripted and is just free-flowing. We have an assortment of characters in this round table.

A young ex male exotic dancer turned radio personality.
A pharmacist and loving husband and father.
A postal worker who remembers making the mistake of leaving “the one.”
A hard-working white-collar city employee trying to make sense of it all.
A retired and divorced chemist.
An activist/social worker who is in the third year of his [first] marriage.

While this in no way gives an accurate range of the players, it is just a brief glimpse of them. The cast encompasses men who have worked both blue-collar and white-collar positions, who have loved and lost, did good and did bad.

We look at the ups and downs, as well as what we thought we wanted, to what we now know or think that we need. This is definitely a must see for Black women, as well as any woman who has wanted to know how we think and what goes on in our minds. It is also a must see for men just to feel the vibe and start some dialogue with their circle of friends.

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