When I think about black men, and dating in general, I think about their preferences. And sometimes I don’t feel like they’re always checking for us. Hello. [APPLAUSE] And I think specifically of a well-known celebrity who has been highly publicized for beating black women. But when I think about what his recent comments were about the hair of black women and who he would date based on her hair texture, it infuriated me thinking that, well, that one, who is a role model for a lot of black men, is not checking for us. He’s making it seem like there’s something wrong with having the one be– Do you realize you said ‘that one.’ That could be for any race. – But that’s not just him.

– It’s that one. – She’s right. But it’s not just him. Within the industry, they are fetishizing mixed women. They do, for sure. They do. But not all. Excuse me. But just if you have any sort of exotic, and that’s a problem. [APPLAUSE] – You’re right. That’s what you’re talkin’ about. You’re absolutely right. I’m gonna go all the way back there. I grew up in a family that I was too dark. OK? I was too dark, but then at the same time, my grandfather was a white man. But as I grew up, black men weren’t interested in me.

White men were attracted to me. OK? But my attraction was always a black man. That’s what I want in my life. OK? The black men, they’re there for us. There’s an understanding. There’s a– I don’t have to try. I can just be..

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