Ebony Singles Travel was created out of pure frustration.  I loved to travel, but often found it hard to find travel companions.  Either the timing wasn’t right, the price wasn’t right, or they were married and their spouse had to come.

I wanted to be able to travel with a large group of ‘single’ people, that way we were all in the same boat.  I went on a few ‘group’ trips and I was hooked.  The only problem was they were not exclusively for singles.

Ebony Singles Travel is aimed at the black community, but is open to any race or nationality.  The only thing, is you must be single.

Where have you always wanted to go, but was never able to?  I want us to start exploring these places…  Hopefully soon, we will have to create a new travel club for couples only – to accommodate all the couples who found each other with Ebony Singles Travel!


Marsha D.